Digital in the making

We work in an iterative way, with the goal to continuously improve the right vision, transformation, optimization of your business. Here are some typical examples of questions we address for our clients:Authentic Sneakers | 【6月上旬発売予定】 ナイキ エアフットスケープ モーション 全4色 – スニーカーウォーズ


"Phygital" business

  • How digital is going to impact our business short and mid term? e.g: impact of Amazon or eBay‘s decision to enter the automotive spare parts business in Europe.
  • Which short term digitalization drivers are needed by our business is needed and what digital disruptions are expected mid term?
  • Should we acquire some pure click players in order to accelerate?
  • How to become a digital, omni channel, global brand?
  • How to reinvent our client lifecycle via digital : apps, social media, data services?…

Marketing & sales

  • What is the expected transformation of our product, content and services’ offer?
  • How to accelerate our e-Commerce so that it accounts for 20% of our direct sales and 30% of the salesforce’s tablet sales in our stores?
  • What is the right road to market strategy: stores, via Amazon or Zalando, direct e-commerce sales?
  • Which omni channel pricing should we decide for, and with which digital tools?
  • Which client behavior do we want to influence? Which data impact can we expect on marketing and sales?
  • Which international deployment / business plan should we decide for and what is the expected ROI?
  • What is the offline store closure plan if any, and what is the expected online revenue growth ?…


  • How to impulse and deploy a digital & agile culture?
  • How to improve our operational performance thanks to digital?
  • What are the opportunities of digital manufacturing?
  • Should we create a standalone digital BU or should we digitalize the existing organization, or both?
  • Should we create a lab to spread our digital expertise?
  • How to set up a global digital organization?
  • How do we digitize all our business processes?…


  • Which omni channel Architecture select: front office, orchestration layers, legacy systems…?
  • Which standards should we adopt: J2EE, PHP, .NET, other?
  • Which organization should we design for our IT? Which specific business processes and IT KPIs should we put in place?
  • Which Cloud and infrastructure do we need  (AWS, Azure…)?
  • What is the right SecOps/ Fraud strategy for our business?...


  • Formalize the relevant organisation : high level missions and responsibilities, job descriptions.
  • Choose the right digital deployment: PMO, Lab, JV, partners, a mix of those
  • Impulse and change: endogeneous transformation, viral effect, spin off, pilot/ POC mode (Proof Of Concept)…
  • Pilot: digital projects’ portfolio, PMO projects…
  • Optimize operations/ digitalize each step of our value chain with specific process, tools and KPIs: omni channel marketing and sales, production, supply chain/purchasing, after sales...
  • Manage in real time : client data, pricing, sales and omni channel stock shortages.


  • How to be better referenced on Google?
  • How should we improve our product contents so that we are more visible on Google?
  • ow to improve the omni channel client mix?
  • How to maximize our transformation rate (surfed vs. purchased)?
  • How to accelerate the last mile delivery?
  • How to improve our level of service?
  • How to accelerate our sales deployment in Asia or other continents, thanks to digital?
  • Which operational performance optimization should we expect thanks to data?
  • Which customer segmentations should we come up with? What are the expected stream of revenues by customer segment? With which tools?
  • How to better pilot our sales on our various market places?
  • How to improve our level of service in our stores in order to defend our market share vs. Amazon?